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syncWXremix is a Javascript Weather Door for Synchronet BBSes. Set this up as a Door, Logon Event, or both. Works based on the IP of the user when they connect. GeoIP lookup and data provided by Weather Underground. Features: User's Location (via GeoIP), Current Conditions, Temperture (Fahrenheit for US, Celsius for all other locations), Sunrise and Sunset times, Lunar Phase, UV Index, 3-day Future Forecast, and Severe Alerts for locations in the United States.
Development of the Door can be found here: https://github.com/KenDB3/syncWXremix/
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colorize-text.js takes a plain text file and adds Synchronet Ctrl-A colorization. The colorize-text.js script is meant for use with Synchronet BBSes. It requires JSexec.exe (from SBBS) to be run from command line. It was written in the spirit of the 1991 program A2A - ASCII to ANSI file converter by David Kauffman (A.K.A. Ansi). You get to pick a color and intensity for Text, a color and intensity for Numbers, and a color and intensity for Non-Text Characters.
GitHub Gist of the script can be found here.
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Live example here: RI Weather