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Traditionally you connect to a BBS by dialing in with a terminal program. Nowadays, that concept has been replaced by the ability to connect to a BBS over a Telnet connection. If you were to telnet from an older Windows platform (like WinXP), you might see all of the ANSI Characters correctly. But, things don't look quite as pretty when telnetting from Window 7 or 8 natively.

To get the best experience, try using one of these optional methods:
  • »  Try using a Flash Based Telnet Emulator, called ftelnet. It uses Adobe Flash, with an HTML5 backup script: ftelnet by R&M Software
  • »  Install an alternative 32-bit Telnet client, like: Syncterm or mtelnet
  • »  If you are on a Phone/Tablet using an HTML5 Browser, then you could try the New HTMLTerm by R&M Software which includes an emulated keyboard for input. (Note: HTMLTerm uses Web Sockets and port 1123 maybe be blocked by some firewalls)
  • »  If you are behind a VERY Strict Firewall, try the HTMLTerm proxy: Proxy (in NJ) hosted by R&M Software
  • »  Finally, you can check out a bigger list of Telnet Options if you are more interested.

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